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My name is Erwin Heyms and I have been a professional Technical Artist in the video games industry since 2013.

I have worked on various triple-A titles such as Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint as one of the main Houdini Technical Artists.

Over the course of my career, I’ve developed a large range of Houdini related skills and insights ranging from procedural tool development for World Builders and Artists, how to make interactive and user-friendly tools, and how to design procedural pipelines for games.

Erwin Heyms

Technical Artist & Houdini Teacher

In 2017, I released my first Houdini Masterclass at Ubisoft. The 35-hour video course has since helped countless employees at the company pick up Houdini as one of their main tools of work. The joy of being able to teach my skillset to others has stuck with me ever since.

While I created and held several smaller lectures at conferences, events and in private one-on-one sessions, in late 2019, I decided I wanted to try my hand again at creating a new Houdini Masterclass.
I envisioned one bigger and more advanced than any of my lectures before, that I could also publicly release.

Thanks to the support of my Patreon backers, I have been able to make this Masterclass into reality, and it has been quite a journey.

The Masterclass is meant to bring together all my skills as a Technical Artist and Teacher into a comprehensive, multi-part course. My goal being to allow any Houdini user, at any skill level, to attain the same level of skills and insights that I have cultivated over the past decade.

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In 2018, I hosted the Masterclass: “Procedural Road Generation for World Builders” an in-depth crash course on pathfinding for natural road generation in Houdini.


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